Invitation Inspiration

It’s so important to create an engaging invitation, as is the first thing that your guests will see. It builds excitement and sets the scene of what lies ahead. You want your event to be the talk of the town before it’s even happened. It should be the event that people clear their diaries for, and a great invitation can make that happen.
The first rule is, there are no rules! Be creative and let your personality shine through. Modern invitations can take so many different forms, so all the old rules have gone out the window, traditional, artistic, 3D, digital, video, the list is endless. It is important to think about the message you are trying to convey, the mood you are trying to set, and of course, the event you want to hold.
We love creating bespoke invitation apps, one of our clients recently included a video message of themselves inviting their guests to their spectacular Cinco de Mayo party, whilst a mariachi band played the background. That’s an invitation that your guests won’t forget. The joy of a bespoke app is that it allows you to update guest along the way with push notifications, pin drop locations through google maps, unlimited additional information tabs and live tracking of the guest lists and dietary requirement. Allowing guests to upload any photos of the day so that they can all be shared with all, along with easy access to social media channels which can be particularly advantageous for festivals or corporate events.
For events further afield luggage tag invitation get everyone in the mood and old-style travel tickets are perfect for branding and add an air of nostalgia. For an après ski styled 40th birthday we designed bespoke ski passes with an image of the hosts and all the event details. With a Game of Thrones styled party guests received aged effect scrolls in thick aged envelopes, sealed with wax and the family crest. For a pirate themed party, the invitation came complete with a compass. The possibilities are endless, so get creative.
At Event Den we help you manage every element of the guest experience. [email protected] allows us to filter your guest replies and provide you with a weekly update, taking all the stress away from you.
No matter what kind of event you are planning, we recommend that you think big.  (deleted sentence) If you want to stick with something traditional you can always make it stand out with a colourfully lined envelope and text or funky graphics. In a world where sustainability is key, we would always recommend a digital option which also gives you complete free reign. It allows you to interact with guests and enjoy the excitement of the lead up to the day, in a way that has never been possible before.
Our advice is to be individual, think big, think bold, be creative and create something eye-catching that is simply unmissable!