How to create the WOW factor!

Design – think of designing an event like designing a room in your home, everything needs a focal point (hopefully not the TV!). Don’t be afraid to use bold colours and know that mismatch can sometimes be the perfect match. You want bold statement pieces that can ‘carry’ the look, then you can be simpler and more cost effective with the rest.


Set the scene – always make sure you create the right impression as soon as guests enter. They always say first impressions count, and this is also true at a party. Make sure that the waiting staff are lined up with trays full of drinks at least five minutes before the guests are due to arrive. Check that there are no loose ends on the floor, stray cable ties or wrinkled tablecloths, that there are no wonky place settings and that all the cushions are puffed up to perfection.


Make an entrance – if budget allows, we will always recommend putting a high impact piece at the entrance. This doesn’t have to be decorative item as it can also be done through entertainment or music. At a wedding this would normally take the form of a gorgeous tumbling flower arch, but don’t be afraid to step away from the norm and really reflect your character. Once we produced a stunning Alpine party with a chalet entrance complete with a life size cow statue which all the guests used as the perfect photo op!


Where to spend your budget – in the room you want to create at least one main wow factor and if you are having a sit-down dinner, you also want to wow with your table centre pieces. If you are tight on space, your focal point could be suspended from the ceiling, such as a flower crown or trailing ribbons in the centre of a yurt. If you have lots of acts through the evening, the stage area should be the focal point, and act as the perfect backdrop for the performances. With table centre pieces you want to remember that a variation of heigh is more visually pleasing, it creates an organic sense of business that is lost when everything is on the same level.


It’s all in the detail – don’t forget the additional little touches which take a party, event, or wedding to the next level. We love flower headpieces for the waiting staff, special give away gifts waiting on guests’ seats when they sit down, unexpected entertainment and bespoke menus, all of which add a quirky and personal touch. It’s the little details that help you add an extra dimension to any event.